Radio Free Golgotha – A New Podcast

Radio Free Golgotha is a new podcast available from Al Cummins and Jesse Hathaway Diaz. For those unfamiliar with the two, Alexander Cummins, PhD is an historian, poet, and diviner whose research centers on religion, philosophy, medicine, and magic, and Jesse Hathaway Diaz is a folklorist, diviner, artist, and performer, and the co-proprietor of Wolf & Goat. Diaz also runs the blog Serpent Shod, and Cummins runs the Tumblr Grimoires On Tape. According to their description, each episode will be based around a chosen Saint or Angel, Demon or Devil, Herb, Stone, Geomantic Figure, Tarot Trump, and more as the intersections and trajectories are explored through discussions among the two friends and their guests.

The first episode focuses around the Three Kings and the Feast of Epiphany, with further discussions on the demon Bael, the stone and plant Heliotrope, the geomantic figure Via, and the mineral Bloodstone. You can download it directly from their websitewatch it on Youtube, or subscribe in iTunes. Eventually the episodes will contain links and annotations so listeners can delve deeper into the subjects presented. 

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