Updates And A New Book

As you may have noticed, we haven’t published any entries on the blog in a while. Over the past year, we have been primarily occupied with moving and are now focusing on getting settled in our beautiful new home in Queens. We’ve both been up to quite a bit though and have a lot of news to share.

In November, Vanessa released Babalon, her devotional record to the Goddess under her solo project, knifesex. She also has a new website featuring her music, writing, and creative work.  Russ has recently returned from a 2-week tour with his band a place both wonderful and strange which you can read about here. The band also released a 2-track covers EP this year. Russ’ DJ collective Adventure[s} hosted their famous “Robyn Party” in May which was attended by none other than Robyn herself. Russ is also currently writing a book which we will keep the details limited on for now. Both Russ and Vanessa recently released remixes on Carl Abrahamsson’s album The Larval Stage of a Bookworm Remixed and also have several new music releases in the works including a collaborative album.

Most recently, Vanessa has co-authored a new pamphlet with Dr Alexander Cummins on The Archangel Raphael as part of the Guides To The Underworld Series from Hadean Press.

Archangel Raphael – whose name is sometimes translated as “the Medicine of God” – is a patron of all matters related to medicine and healing. Scripture attests Raphael to be a powerful teacher, a protector of travelers, a binder of demons, and a psychopomp. Drawing from a wide range of sources – from folk tradition to formal ceremonial ritual magic, and from grimoiric texts to biblical apocrypha – this pamphlet provides prayers and formulae, as well as guidelines for shrine-building, offerings, correspondences, and magical workings for developing a relationship with this powerful Archangel.

In this Guide you will find information on how to create a shrine, what offerings are appropriate, recipes for oils, baths, and a charm bag, the conjuration of Raphael, his seals, as well as prayers to the archangel. 

Available now as a print or digital edition

Stay tuned for more news, updates and events coming soon!

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